West London’s Br3nya Is Back From A Brief Hiatus With New Single ‘PayDay’

After a brief hiatus, West London rapper Br3nya makes her highly anticipated return with a brand-new track, “Pay Day”.

This powerful offering serves as a testament to the struggles she has faced and the resilience that has propelled her musical journey thus far.

Ghanaian-born and raised in England, singer, songwriter, and rapper Br3nya is a versatile and dynamic force to be reckoned with in 2023. With her potent lyrical prowess and sultry vocal stylings, she has proven her ability to excel in both rap and singing, tackling important themes such as female empowerment, self-love, and confidence.

Br3nya’s diverse musical influences span garage, rap, dancehall, and Afrobeats, a testament to her upbringing in inner-city London and her Ghanaian heritage. This unique blend of styles forms the very essence of her artistic identity.

In “Pay Day,” her first release since her brief absence, Br3nya showcases her ability to effortlessly merge seductive singing and compelling rap. Supported by dreamy production from her regular collaborator MadeInParis, Br3nya’s signature Afro-infused sound remains at the heart of her creative expression. Through this track, she encourages listeners to believe in their own paths to success.

The accompanying Terry Paul-directed video for “Pay Day” sees Br3nya staying true to her roots, flipping through a photo album filled with cherished memories of her family across generations. The visual narrative illustrates her unwavering dedication to her craft, her ambitions, and her loved ones.

As Br3nya embarks on a new chapter in her career with the release of “Pay Day,” she has been teasing fans with freestyles on social media, whetting their appetites for what’s to come.

Her upcoming projects, which will see her representing both West London and Ghana on a grander scale, are set to mark a pivotal moment in her musical legacy.

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