Velours Shares A Smooth But Powerful Single Titled ‘Flowers In A Wasteland’

Velours is an alt-pop singer and composer originally from Saskatoon. She was given the name Velours, which is the French word for velvet, due to the velvety quality of both her voice and her musical style.

She writes about the human condition, the lyrics crashing into incredibly real melodies in each song that she composes. The fact that she wants to explore sensation via music but at the same time not take things too seriously strikes a chord with her listeners.

Her music has a beautifully soft feel to it, with the lyricism colliding with beautifully authentic melodies, which is reminiscent of the name “velours,” which is French for “velvet.” Her music has a unique appeal because she writes about the human condition, and it also has a beautiful resemblance to the word “velvet” because of the name.

Velours was inspired by a sense the artist experienced the whole world falling around her while having a bright, lively love that continues to develop in spite of everything. Not only does her idea of “Flowers in a Wasteland” have opposing images, but she also wanted to combine it with a killer cheerful pop-rock energy in the song.

It was a lot of pleasure to work with such an interesting topic as the premise that something as lovely and delicate as a flower can flourish amid something as aesthetically unpleasant as a wasteland.


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