Unveiling Marc’s Entrancing Debut: ‘In My Dreams’

With his debut in the EDM scene and courtesy of DJ / producer Coke Beats on “In My Dreams,” Italian singer Marc has created a captivating union between his sweet and tender vocals by him, and the distinctive beats provided by Coke Beat.

The song channels the universal quest for love through heartfelt vocals, the song paints a touching picture of a couple navigating the intricacies of relationships. The track’s distinguishing element is Coke Beats ‘expertise, especially his experience gained from contributing to Smash The House/Generation Smash. This puts everything in place for grandiose performances at EDM festivals like Ultra and Tomorrowland.

This touching tale which goes beyond gender, reveals the challenges and dreams in a relationship and all this unfolds in “In My Dreams”. Marc’s soulful version of the song expresses love ‘contradictions, and people can feel it. After all, everyone longs for real connection.

This is a fundamental turn for Marc, as he showcases his talent as an artist who can switch effortlessly from pop to EDM. Fans eagerly wait for Marc’s Live shows in 2024, during which In My Dreams ‘infectious vigor and profound emotional weight will take the world by storm. People have to see this masterpiece with their own eyes to believe it; indeed, that is how impressive of a musician he really has become.

A bold introduction, with engaging synthesizers plunges listeners into a sensory adventure.

“In My Dreams” becomes a potential summer anthem, and validates the teamwork of Coke Beats along with Marc. The song whirlwinds listeners into its stunning universe. This cooperation shows both artists ‘abilities, and they create a sensational track that integrates into its poetic richness an exquisite bisexual romance love story.

Listen to In My Dreams below


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