Gritty and Compelling: Balloon Shed’s ‘Hate Song’ Explored

Balloon Shed is the musical creation of singer-songwriter Rowan Davies from Bristol, UK. with a new-wave indie feel like Jeff Rosenstock and AJJ.

After not playing music for 20 years, in 2022 Davies picked up his guitar and began to write songs. With early songs like “Prick” and “Frank Says,” Balloon Shed’s style was already set–a blend of therapy, emotion, catchiness.

There’s now a new song in town, called Hate Song. It describes a world turned topsy-turvy by some truly not very nice people! Davies sings, plays guitar and you will hear a little drumming and bass. The star is the angry high-pitched singing with pretty hard words.

This track captures real feelings–nervousness, anger, and stuff that hits a little close to home with what’s going on today about the world. The guitar is thick, rough and real; the kind of classic rock tunes that don’t play coy.

But Davies’ singing gives such depth to the song, and there are these trippy psychedelic elements interwoven in a rock style which keeps it interesting. When you listen, it’s like the musicians are right in front of your eyes playing live.

In other words, Balloon Shed’s Hate Song is a raw musical form-the real thing. It’s rough, it’s real and is something worth a listen.

Listen to Hate Song below

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