“The Beginning of a New Era: Melody Alex. Patrick’s ‘1980’

Melody Alex. Patrick, the versatile artist from the French Riviera zone of the world is preparing her first show disc “1980” and from this disc start a seven disc series that she proposed to release and this is called “The Non-Sense Anthology.

With renowned guitarist Lorenzo Sarli by her side, Melody Alex is ready to take on the nation and conquer it. Patrick is excellent and the daring and raw nature of his performance is sure to entice new viewers while leaving long time fans eager for future performances.

“1980” is a contemporal carefree recollection of that period that the new generations have no idea about. The lyrical and musical video for Electro Mix, one of the songs from the track, is a great teaser for the new album as it causes excitement and curiosity. The musicality is evident throughout the album, as Melody showcases her ability to incorporate touches of the contemporary into her music while incorporating a vintage twist as well.

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“1980” is a contemporal carefree recollection of that period that the new generations have no idea about.

Sarli is able to incorporate guitar work under the guidance of Melody to enhance the strings and variety of the track by giving a singing quality to the strings and adding incredible force to them.

Her overemotional and autistic inclination pushes her to create art for the sake of the art, turning her past misery into volumes of artistic expressions. This emotional intensity is captured in “1980” and not only provides a throwback to past memories, but also opens a window into Melody’s world, the world that is alive with passion and creativity.

As with all good pop stars, it’s about more than the first song; ‘1980’ is the preface to an artist’s evolution. Melody Alex. This song and music have been created by Patrick and Lorenzo Sarli to give listeners a taste of the future and what the subsequent albums will be like. Through the power of singing and the art of performance, Melody Alex promise to be captivating. Patrick is thus set to make his mark on the music scene of his generation.

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