“Funk, Rock, and Soul: DJ Williams Delivers with ‘By Way of RVA'”

Welcome music freaks, brace up for some rocking summer as DJ Williams, electric guitar wizard and producer par excellence, sets off for a 26-city tour across the U. S. This is more than just an ordinary concert – it’s a celebration of his latest album titled “By Way of RVA” that is a testament to the city of Richmond, Virginia where he cultivated his unique creativity.

If you have got the opportunity to watch DJ Williams perform, then you well aware of the fact that this guy is a monster on stage. Premier Guitar even described him as ‘…a monster… an inspiring and efficient and melodic soloist, with a warm sound and extraordinary technical proficiency. ’ Now, he begin and ends his tour on May 3 in New Orleans during Jazz Fest After Dark and on July 13 in Golden, Colorado.

But he’s not doing this alone – DJ is supported by incredibly talented musicians, including Ben Atkind on drums, Steph Orsini on bass, and Macon Mann on keys. Together, they’re going to be ripping through tracks from his latest EP, “By Way of RVA,” released on Projekt Records and highlighting just how versatile of a musician DJ is. We’re talking funk, rock, soul – all in one, and all part of this excellent piece of audio.

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This is followed by the opening track on the EP ‘Fade Away’

This is followed by the opening track on the EP ‘Fade Away’, a catchy tune that can only be attributed to DJ Williams but has hints of Lenny Kravitz to it. It has its energy from the power chords, live drum and a guitar solo that will bring anyone to their knees. Next up is “Burning Ash” which features very powerful riffs and great falsetto, and then we’re on the dreamy “By Way of RVA” which features Hip Hop beat and awesome Guitars that take one to another world.

Though, the piece that I found most impressive as generally unorthodox is “Mr. Nobody,” with it’s strange guitar line and extended vocal summit that solves this great tale. There’s also DJ’s take on Nirvana’s heart shaped box, so this is one of those they take it into lo-fi, trip-hop, trap style, this and that, that proves how much of a beast he is. “Turn Of Events” is the final cut with a reggae inflection perfectly serving as a laid-back finale after the musical chaos.

What is even more intriguing is the fact that the album can be regarded as highly personal for DJ. He did the whole thing in his bedroom and even produced some peculiar ideas such as placing drums in the wardrobe and vocals in the shower as it created a natural reverb. Listen to how he stacked like 22 vocals on “Heart-Shaped Box” or just how he went over the top with these orchestral synth arrangements on the title track.

That is the life story of DJ, who was born in Plainfield, New Jersey, grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and who listens to the music ranging from Curtis Mayfield and Nirvana, from Miles Davis and Led Zeppelin. He is currently the lead guitarist for Karl Denson Tiny Universe Band, also performs a solo project DJ Williams Projekt as well as has performed with John Legend, Dave Matthews Band, and George Clinton to name but a few.

And if you are up for the fact filled summer of live music, don’t snooze on DJ Williams ’ tour. And, with his fiery performances and this thrilling new EP, he’s absolutely making an impact on the musical landscape. Don’t wait for the show, take Your tickets, turn up the music on RVA, and let the concert begin!


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