The ART Shares Banging New Single “Gimme Cake”

Gimme Cake is the latest single by Ghanaian Fu musician The ART on how he balances daily frustrations about his daily hustle, released on May 10th 2024.

The ART maintains an alarming tone in the delivery of his theme from the onset, stressing on his lack of time and applying himself to good use in the first verse. He realizes the amount of time he’s wasted being mindless of opportunities before him. Being known as a “wasteman” is the last he’d wish for himself, he resorts to solutions that will put him in situations to get the “cake”.

 In the mean while he remains patient in the grind as he sings in the hook

– I breathe in and breathe out


-Patience I need

-Streets dey bleed me Lord!

-My momma gots feed

-I’m running outta sleep

-Gimme ma cake please

“The song is in part a celebration and appreciation of my mother who held our household together, spreading herself thin to cater for me and my brother. 

For that she will forever be my inspiration to surge on to greatness. I know I owe her that much. In all honesty, my love for her helped me see clearly through a lot of bad situations.” – The ART shed more light on the inspiration behind Gimme Cake. 

The ART calls himself a storyteller and a graphic one at that, the artwork for the song by ThePlague(his alter ego) perfectly visualizes his stress of sleepless nights and confused running abouts in search of solutions to his ordeal. 

 The song is a highlight of The ART’s Resilience which claims a trait passed on by his mother. He describes himself care free until caring need be done, a show of his dynamic personality. 

GIMME CAKE continues The ART’s story he’s been relaying in his songs released from 2020 to the present which shows his struggles and victories in being FEARLESS.

GIMME CAKE by The ART is available here



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