Double Hustle” by Ephraim: A Perfect Mix of Tradition and Innovation

You guys should listen to new track by Ephraim called Double Hustle!This is one really fresh Afrobeat track that only catches you off guard in the most pleasant way.

Ephraim mixes in those carefully crafted beats and timeless rhythms that we’ve come to know and love with his own special multifaceted style. There are lots of hooky rhythms and melodies right from the start – those are so tight and well-produced that you can feel this crazy musician’s soul in every note.

But what impresses me most is that “Double Hustle” kind of inspires as Ephraim tells us how he is trying to carve his way through the industry and the advice the song gives to us. Lany says the song was written about fighting through hardships to get the money. It happened in the cinematic way that just grips you into the life of Ephraim.

He honors Afrobeats music with those traditional melodies and rhythms. But then he turns it upside down and inserts the elements of a new school and modern instrumental to make it completely different and not similar to anything else.

Ephraim is like a pendulum that is connecting the old and the new in the coolest manner. “Double Hustle” is a straight banger from start to finish – there is energy, character and just a really interesting and fresh sound. But I bet this track is going to be huge!For your fans of afrobeats or just all music lovers, this one needs to be repeated right away. Ephraim as a man is the real thing.

Listen to Double Hustle below

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Mister Styx
Mister Styx
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