Sick Beats, Positive Vibes: An 8TCHO Music Session

What’s up, music lovers? You’re in for something: it’s a treat! Let’s get into the studio with 8TCHO, the one and only who will be there in creating beats that are going to have you open mouthed. Now is his latest addition, ‘Ring the Alarm (C64 Stab Mix)’, which takes the fusion of reggae, funk, and electronic madness that you have never heard before. It’s for real; this track is truly out of this world!

Ok, OK, who is the one beyond all these mighty sound? You’re talking to a cool guy Tom from Munich, Germany right now. However, do not be fooled, this regular personality of 8TCHO is just the trailer of the music wizard that he really is. He arranged sounds of diverse genres since the very beginning and was pulling ideas from all sorts of places in order to create his particular style.

Besides the infectious beat, “Ring the Alarm” is also a record you’ll nod your head to. Of course, it is powerful, presents a lasting message on how to tackle your challenges and come out stronger. A powerful anthem that hits you in just the right way, with the right soundtrack to get you going and ready to take on the world.

We are inviting you to a talk with 8TCHO, here we go! Gotta explore all possible options to figure out what musical influences he has, where he derives inspiration from and other songs that he is working on. This is an ultimate chill and fun chat with some good vibes that you don’t want to skip. Ready to feel moved!

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What is your stage name?

My nickname since I was 10 is Spanish Eight – ocho. But the latest spelling is 8tcho.

Is there a story behind your stage name?

They called me 8 in my handball team.

Where do you find inspiration?

Mostly in Sounds and Samples, but I like all kinds of music. Even classical.

What was the role of music in the early years of your life?

I was forced to play the piano as a kid and never had much fun practicing, but I liked being able to play.

Are you from a musical or artistic family?

My grandpa was a professional piano player.

Who inspired you to be a part of the music industry?

I admire all kinds of artists that know what they are doing on stage.

How did you learn to sing/write/to play?

Trying out things – buying gear, DJing with vinyl.

What was the first concert that you ever went to and who did you see perform?

I was a DJ 20 in the late 90s and 2000s at various places.

How could you describe your music?

I do musical collages with samples from all over the place. The results are not easily fitting to a specific genre. And there is always a surprising element or transition, I think.

Describe your creative process.

First its about a beat with chord progression. Then its about variations. And in the end it needs to be a track that I imagine to be part of a big mixtape.

What is your main inspiration?

Electronic Music from the 90s.

What musician do you admire most and why?

I think its daft punk. They were so ahead of everybody else.

Did your style evolve since the beginning of your career?

Of course. I am much more open.

Who do you see as your main competitor?

I don´t see music as a competition.

What are your interests outside of music?

Innovative ideas and funny things.

If it wasn’t a music career, what would you be doing?

I don´t consider myself to really have a music career. I am a specialist for general things ;-).

What is the biggest problem you have encountered in the journey of music?

Finding an audience.

If you could change one thing in the music industry, what would it be?

I don´t know. The music industry is following the rules of all businesses – making money. And how this works best is everybodys fault.

Why did you choose this as the title of this project?

The track contains sound from a C64. And its about ringing the alarm. So the title is obvious.

What are your plans for the coming months?

Releasing more an more of my tracks. I have tons.

Do you have any artistic collaboration plans

I like exchanging sounds with others to create remixes.

What message would you like to give to your fans?

Don´t take anything to serious.

Mister Styx
Mister Styx
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