Room For Love, Loss and Everything In Between: A Review of “The Rooms Where Songs Are Made” by Albion

Revving up the alternative rock scene is Alboin, a six-piece powerhouse originating from all over the UK, now perched in London. Their debut EP “The Rooms Where Songs are Made”, is an engrossing four-track sonic assault that bridges the gritty charm of Camden’s tower blocks with universal themes of love, friendship and rebirth.

Press play and you’re immediately thrust into “Taxidermy Love,”– the lead song starts on a grittily euphoric note. –It unravels the end of a pompous relationship narrated with sardonic humour; serving not just as commentary but powerful catharsis letting us know love can soar even from ruins.

Next up “Amy,” an intimate ode to unrequited love and a lament for Amy Winehouse. The song takes you aboard Albion’s time machine with groovy riffs that lean heavily on nostalgia, tempered by candid lyrics. This contrast suggests an emotional maturity that elevates their raw sound beyond mere mimicry of iconic rock outfits.

“Lions” strums its way into our hearts as it spins the tale of lovers bound by fate set against the backdrop of Nottingham’s Market Square while –”Tetrachromacy,” concludes the EP with a frolicsome energy only to evolve into a grand narrative about friendship and rebirth – a testament to their songwriting prowess which is wide-eyed yet deeply introspective.

Room For Love, Loss and Everything In Between: A Review of "The Rooms Where Songs Are Made' by Albion"
Room For Love, Loss and Everything In Between: A Review of “The Rooms Where Songs Are Made’ by Albion”

The sheer power in Albion’s male vocals coupled with pulsating melodies provide an undeniable gravitas throughout each track. What really sets them apart though, is how their music – seemingly recorded within walls that have been silent witnesses for a rich tapestry of life experiences – carries itself outside those rooms: unabashedly believing in its stories, spinning its tracks into broader urban narratives only to land directly on our hearts unfiltered and vehemently human.

This promising band has already showcased a substantial range with this debut outing; embracing atmospherics of alternative rock, while somehow keeping it fresh and contemporary. Trust me when I say Albion aren’t just crafting songs, they’re sketching heartbeats with notes and lyrics, encapsulating visceral human experiences that will have you yearning for more from this group. And all this from a 13th floor flat in Camden – now isn’t that quite the high note?

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