Bella Deer’s ‘Care Too Much’ Is A Must Listen

Under the creative umbrella of singer-songwriter Isabella Losi, Bella Deer has garnered attention not only in regional Victoria but also internationally, thanks to her captivating charisma and stage presence, Bella Deer shine as beacons of raw authenticity and emotional depth.

Her sophomore single, ‘Care Too Much,’ which reached the finals of the 2021 APRA AMCOS Vanda & Young Global Songwriting Competition, is a mesmerizing testament to her artistry.

Bella Deer’s artistic evolution takes a subtle yet powerful turn in ‘Care Too Much,’ following her well-received debut single, ‘Bloom.’ In this track, she explores a darker blend of alternative pop infused with indie-pop sensibilities.

While ‘Bloom’ radiated optimism, ‘Care Too Much’ delves into the shadows of emotion, revealing a profound sense of melancholy through its synth-driven melody. The song embarks on a delicate dance between dreamy instrumentals and Bella’s emotive vocals, weaving a narrative that invites listeners to explore the complexities of life’s choices.

What sets ‘Care Too Much’ apart is the synergy between its ethereal soundscape and Bella’s unfiltered vocals. Her singing cuts through the music with soul-stirring simplicity, adding a layer of authenticity to the track’s raw narrative.

Collaborating with musician Joel Quartermain for production, Bella Deer effectively embeds the theme of choice and sacrifice into the music, creating a beautiful contrast of light and darkness, serenity and intensity.

Her vocal style, reminiscent of artists like Florence Welch, adds a unique obscurity that intensifies the song’s impact. With her unconventional approach, Bella Deer establishes herself as an artist worth keeping a close eye on.

The track’s melancholic beauty sets it apart as a soul-stirring masterpiece. As Bella Deer continues to evolve and share her musical stories, she cements her position as a rising star on the global stage.

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