Rocky Dawuni Drops New Single “Shade Tree”

Rocky Dawuni is a singer, songwriter, producer, and campaigner on the international stage. He has just released his new hit, “Shade Tree.”

The next new album that has been nominated for three Grammys is scheduled to be released in 2024. The song will be the first track released from the album. The Ghanaian artist has delivered a whole new worldwide anthem in “Shade Tree” that promotes empowerment and harmony throughout the world.

The idea behind the song is that of a tree that offers protection from the sun to all of the many “shades” that make up mankind. It serves as a place of confluence and an oasis for all of the people.

Conflicts and disputes may be addressed under the shade tree since it gives “shelter from the rain” that is shared by all of the people.

This is humanity’s shared fate since we are a part of nature, and our fate is intricately intertwined with each other’s as well as with the rest of life, much like the way a tree’s roots are connected to the rest of the living world. We are a community yet maintaining our separate identities under the tree.

The song is sung from the point of view of a person with an isolated spirit who is looking for connection and community. These qualities may be seen in numerous forms in people’s daily lives when they come together to celebrate and find a connection from a place of isolation.

This is a powerful song that serves as a sad reminder to people of our connected humanity at a time when Africa is just becoming aware of new political realities and the rest of the globe is struggling to come to terms with increasing geopolitical tensions.

Rocky Dawuni’s original and distinctive “Afro Roots” style is a fusion of several musical genres, including Roots Reggae, Afrobeat, Highlife, Soul, Pop, and more. Dawuni is a captivating performer who has been on stage with illustrious artists such as Stevie Wonder, Ozomatli, Peter Gabriel, Angelique Kidjo, and a great number of others.

CNN ranked Rocky as one of Africa’s top 10 worldwide talents after seeing him perform in such illustrious venues as the Kennedy Centre, the Lincoln Centre, and the Hollywood Bowl. In light of this, CNN gave Rocky this honour.

Rocky Dawuni Drops New Single “Shade Tree”
Rocky Dawuni Drops New Single “Shade Tree”

Rocky is a committed activist who oversees the operations of his own nonprofit organisation, the Rocky Dawuni Foundation, in addition to his roles as a UN Goodwill Ambassador for the Environment in Africa and a Global Ambassador for the World Day of African and Afro-Descendant Culture.

via these and other categories, he utilises his music to bring awareness to critical problems that are affecting people all across the world. He does this via live performances, speaking roles, panels, youth empowerment, and a great deal more.

Rocky Dawuni is responsible for the song “Shade Tree,” which also features additional production by GRAMMY-nominated engineer and musician extraordinaire Anthony Brewster, in addition to acclaimed producer Michael Vail Blum.

The song was mixed by Qmillion aka Keith Lewis, who has won several GRAMMY Awards for his work as an engineer and producer. He is well recognised for his contributions to the “Black Radio” albums by Robert Glasper as well as other projects.

Shade Tree” keeps things moving with its irresistible conscious groove heralding a new world of hope. The song draws from a wide variety of influences and vocal stylings that sometimes recall classic soul singers like Curtis Mayfield and D’Angelo. The production approach merges elements of Hip Hop, Reggae, and soul-stirring social commentary.

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