DERi Released His Latest EP ‘Without A Map’

With the release of his highly anticipated EP, ‘Without A Map,’ the talented musician known as DERi, who is signed to Bryte City Entertainment, has set the Ghanaian music landscape ablaze.

This musical offering is a tribute to DERi’s skill as an Afrobeat and highlife singer and composer. It consists of five engaging tunes, and each one captures the listener’s attention in its own unique way.

The brilliant DERi has woven a beautiful tapestry of African rhythms and melodies into each piece of the album ‘Without A Map,’ which takes the listener on an unforgettable adventure across this musical landscape.

It is clear that Deri’s musical journey is analogous to a well-thought-out map, which carefully charts his track in the business. He has meticulously charted his career in the industry.

The list of producers credited on this extended play reads like a who’s who of the Ghanaian music production industry. Baddex, Gigz Beat, Steverawd, Xarmy Heart Sounds, and Klasick Beat are just some of the names that appear on this list.

The incorporation of Cliq Musiq’s voice into the EP’s auditory environment adds another layer of depth to the soundtrack, resulting in the creation of a harmonic mix of soundscapes.

Ghanaians are being cautioned to keep a close check on this up-and-coming phenomenon known as DERi as his fame continues to soar. The song “Without A Map” not only demonstrates the tremendous skill he has, but it also provides a glimpse into the bright future of Afrobeat and highlife music in Ghana.

DERi Released His Latest EP 'Without A Map'
DERi Released His Latest EP ‘Without A Map’

It is nothing short of astounding how well DERi is able to traverse the ever-evolving musical environment, and he is ready to make an unforgettable impression on the music industry all over the world.

DERi has not only discovered his musical orientation thanks to the publication of ‘Without A Map,’ but he has also charted a road for greatness that will certainly lead to other exceptional releases in the years to come.

As his career in music progresses, DERi is demonstrating that he is an artist of both substance and inventiveness, which positions him as a genuine treasure within Ghana’s thriving music business.

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