Restless Modern Preaches On “Old Haunts” Off His Latest EP

Taken off his forthcoming “A Likeness Complicit” EP is “Old Haunts” as Restless Modern intends to convey self-responsibility and an uneasy desire for self.

He talks about how we as people live in a damaged world, and collective self-reflection reveals that we are all culpable in some way.

It’s quite easy to lay the fault on others, but it’s more challenging to look in the mirror and use the same criteria realistically and many things he seeks to address in this song.

Restless brings unique energy into this tune and to make it better is his confidence level and how he conveys his emotions.

Restless Modern is a 25-year-old Wisconsin-based producer, vocalist, and songwriter. Born in Denver, but reared in the Midwest near Chicago.

Restless Modern polished his abilities and built a distinct vision for his artist project over the course of a year by releasing over 30 tracks commercially.

Restless Modern’s signature is an instinctive blend of controlled anarchy, sharp lyrical wit, stunningly gorgeous sonics, and approachability that contradicts his music’s genuine and profound content.

Listen to the song and follow him on social media via @restlessmodern

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