Theo Tams Has His “Tongue Tied” To This New Single

Theo Tams, a singer and composer from Canada, recently released a new single that he calls “Tongue Tied.”

Tams and his boyfriend broke the news to their families that they were engaged, but they were not overjoyed by the news. As a result, Tams and his boyfriend’s family gave birth to this light and airy pop music with R&B overtones.

The exuberance that Theo displays in this song demonstrates that he has it all, particularly in terms of how much control he has over his voice and how much force it carries.

On his recently released extended play (EP), the Canadian singer-songwriter displays a stunning command of R&B-tinged pop music, with his silky voice serving as the unchanging beacon of light.

His composition is still at the forefront of this new pop style, but he is peeling away layers in novel ways. The listener is led through velvety landscapes by his slender voice, while the music drowns the senses with its abundance of intimate lyricism and beauty.

Theo Tams appears to have arrived at his destination in life because he is no longer ashamed to be himself in public. In the meantime, my best wishes go out to him!

Listen to the song below.

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