Princess Liv Delivers 80s Synth-Pop Bliss with ‘On The Line’

Listen to Princess Liv’s new melody “On The Line,” which in my opinion is a magnificent synth-pop piece. This LA singer-songwriter has done more than anyone before to distill that vintage 80s feeling but keeping things a bit more current and up to date.

The track starts with those slightly trippier yet really catchy synths, and it just wraps you up. Liv’s waves carry the song in the right direction. The words are devoted to the recollection of a former loved one and a past love. The refrain is impossibly catchy and at the same time so memorable with lines such as “You know I’ve been trying to call you baby / Will you at least pick up the phone?” It completely stays in your head for days.

What really stands out for me is the way they have used the retro sounds with the creative modern textures as well as the quirky synths. This is all primed to a fade out at the end that has you craving more. There is a memory with an enduring and also an energetic vibe – a perfect fit for the summer song materials.

It is like Princess Liv can easily compose these catchy melodies that will get stuck in your head even though they still convey those universal thoughts and issues. By just this song, we can tell that she is a good artist. Listen to this if you like the 80s sound or synth-pop. It’s synth-pop perfection!

Listen to On The Line below

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Mister Styx
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