NOAH! Brings the Heat with ‘ANVIL! (Metal Version)’

At the young age of 17, Noah! has made quite a name for himself in the independent music circle and is now mixing the fierceness of trap metal with his own style. This Alabama native, who’s now a rising Nashville star, has been a part of BadWeather Entertainment from the get-go and has been producing amazing music since 2022. His current album, “ANVIL! (Metal Version),” is no doubt as well.

Right from the very first guitar beat, “ANVIL! (Metal Version)” grabs you with its high impact and raw intensity. The track begins with  in a haunting way, and then soft vocals of come in, creating a moving soundscape. It is briefly interrupted by distorted guitar tones and pounding rhythms that harbor the idea of the craziness of what lies ahead.

The song bursts with charged metal guitars, punching drums, and powerful vocal bursts, highlighted by soaring background vocals. This eruption of unfiltered rock energy produces a readery listening experience.

However, with the song proceeding, the transition is smooth back to the peaceful acoustic view of the beginning and then into the powerful emo metal finale. It gradually crescendos to an atmospheric breakdown, overcast with dark overtones and bombastic half-time drums, resulting in a flavorsome two-and-a-half-minute mixture of NOAH!’s

NOAH!He has demonstrated that he is indeed a force to be reckoned within the music industry. “ANVIL! (Metal Version)” is a statement of his unique sound and tremendous inspiration. This track most likely will make this artist more famous among listeners who are into hard-core music as it is a crazy ride with a lot of thrilling twists and raw emotions.

Listen to ANVIL! (metal version) below

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