PEARL Delivers On “Go!”

PEARL’s latest release “Go!” is a dreamy, easy-listening track that will make you feel like you’re wandering in the woods on a misty day. The song, which is a part of the upcoming EP by the singer-songwriter, draws strongly from the styles of Sylvan Esso, BANKS, and London Grammar.

PEARL’s vocal performance on “Go!” blends a unique combination of delicacy and strength. Her cadence has a lightness to it that nearly seems like a whisper and is reminiscent of early 2000s shoegaze music. Despite the song’s airy atmosphere, there’s a lyrical depth and emotive quality to the words. Each phrase carries a personal weight and genuine emotion, enveloped in a blanket of dreamy synths and sparkling guitars. The chorus builds with an intensifying energy that uplifts and carries the listener away.

According to PEARL, “Go!” was written on a rainy day while still snuggled up in bed, fresh off a restorative walk through the forest. This inspiration is felt throughout the track, with its lyrics steeped in the natural world. The general feel of the single is about embracing the outdoors, and finding comfort in people rather than places.

“Go!” is a beautifully crafted piece of music, with an introspective and poetic sound that PEARL effortlessly delivers. It’s a tune that will make you desire for a leisurely stroll in the woods and the freedom of the unknown. The track is a fantastic teaser for PEARL’s upcoming EP, and fans can expect more of this beautifully emotive sound from this promising artist. Produced by Matt Ingram and co-written with Matt Ingram and David Boyden.

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