Ogranya Goes For A Classy Sexy Sound In “Swing”

Africa’s Neo-Soul Architect, Ogranya, has released a surprise single titled, “Swing”. Released on 23 November 2023, “Swing” features Shorae Moore and unveils a new side to the artist. With sensual lyrics and a mesmerizing melody, it conveys the carnal feelings one has for someone.

Written by Ogranya and Shorae Moore, the single features production from LordKnowz. A sultry mid-tempo R&B track with Afrobeats elements, “Swing” embodies the phrase ‘classy sexy’. It centers around physical attraction, luxuriating in passions, seducing, and being seduced. 

Ogranya took a more ‘mature’ approach with the piece, testing his creativity by combining liberal expressionism with his usual conservative approach. “I wanted to make something a bit grown, sensual and pretty much push the envelope to see how explicit I could get with my observable prude writing style,” he said. 

“Swing” is evidence of Ogranya’s openness to experimenting as he has grown confident in his style. With his previous projects, the eclectic artist had been establishing himself as Africa’s R&B Royalty. Having secured his spot, he is comfortable enough to push limits and boundaries. 

Ogranya also revealed that the female voice sampled after his verse is notable Ghanaian singer Adomaa. The bit started as a jest during the song recording, and despite some initial hesitation, the recorded part fit perfectly with the song. “She was in the studio when we were recording, and at some point, she broke into this notoriously accurate Indian accent. There was a bit of singing in there as well,” Ogranya recalls, “She jokingly said that the studio engineer and I should let her record it. To her greatest surprise, we took her seriously and insisted she got on the mic.”

Ogranya’s latest single, “Swing”, showcases a touch of decadence that blends with his usual style, creating a classy and sexy tone.

Listen to “Swing” on your preferred platform. 

About Ogranya 

Ogranya (pronounced or-gran-yah) is an eclectic artist whose music fuses the tenets of Afrobeats, Soul, R&B, and Jazz. Born in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria, Ogranya’s emotive lyricism is a seamless fusion of English and Pidgin English that transports listeners through immersive, unique, and relatable stories. 

A second-generation musician, Ogranya’s father performed with the band “The Black Stones” in the 1970s. Ogranya’s music was influenced by his father’s band and songs by The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley. A trained architect, Ogranya’s celestial approach to design and arrangement transforms his music into a sonic fusion of the many different tales of love.

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