Minda Lacy Melodic Brilliance “The Eyeball Song” Is A Gem

Minda Lacy’s release, “The Eyeball Song,” offers a rich and dynamic soundscape. Despite being a predominantly solo project, the track demonstrates excellent cohesion amongst each instrument, not once feeling chaotic or overproduced. Lacy’s musical influences, ranging from Leonard Cohen to The Be Good Tanya, are palpable in the alt-folk sound that she’s crafted. Poignantly stripped down, “The Eyeball Song” offers a unique take on human intimacy, a theme as old as time itself.

Lacy’s delicate guitar fingerpicking is complemented by Zanny Geffel’s soft yet driving percussion, alongside Trinh Youngman’s standup bass and Luke Anthony’s harmonica. The female vocals, mainly comprised of Lacy’s soothing voice, float atop the instrumentation with almost translucent beauty. It’s the sort of track that you fall into, a warm embrace on a cold winter’s night.

Recorded in Jon Wohlfert’s basement studio in North Portland, it’s a relatively raw and organic sound that captures the essence of the track’s core message. The song highlights the precariousness of human intimacy, underscoring how moments of closeness can seem fleeting and elusive. Allowing for every note to bleed, Lacy and company have delivered an altogether satisfying and harmonious tune.

“The Eyeball Song” is an excellent showcase for Minda Lacy’s breadth of talent, all while highlighting her gently poetic songwriting skills. Alt-folk fans looking for something both comforting and engaging will truly enjoy this latest single. It is a testament to what can happen when individual musicians come together, leaving the listener eager to hear more from this promising artist.

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