Mia Van De Loo’s debut EP “Open Book” is perfect.

Mia Van De Loo’s debut EP “Open Book” unveils her musical vulnerability similar to a tentative spring bloom embracing the gentle sunlight. As countless newcomers carefully wade into music’s turbulent waters, Mia takes the plunge, powered by silky, sultry vocals transforming raw emotion into resonant strength.

The five tracks tap into universal love and loss themes via intimate personal tales. The radiant single and my personal favourite “fairytale” dazzles like a jewel, resonating with any who’ve relished love’s fleeting euphoria. Throughout this cathartic collection, Mia traverses varied soundscapes where strings/piano intertwine in indie symphony infused with folk. Her voice oscillates hope and lyrical despair, blending Florence’s soulful flare within Norah’s poetic elegance.

From first crushes to heartbreaks, Mia chronicles the winding journey of youth – the slippery slope between crushed dreams and lofty ambitions. She artfully avoids clichés through inventive metaphors wrapped in melodies faintly recalling Joni Mitchell or early Sara Bareilles.

Mia Van De Loo's debut EP "Open Book" is perfect.
Mia Van De Loo’s debut EP “Open Book” is perfect.

As expected, “Open Book” exudes raw authenticity too frequently polished out of modern music but saturating these tracks reflecting Mia’s metamorphosis toward self-realization. For fans wanting evocative lyrics aligned with vocal prowess, Mia etches her name among intrepid predecessors revealing their intimate evolution transparently.

Though surely promising, a few tracks remain in cozy terrain without daring exploration. And occasionally the lyrics favor grand metaphor over palpable detail. Yet overall, “Open Book” exhibits creative genesis beyond mere talent – an ascending voice ready to spread her wings and abandon the familiar nest. This fledgling wordsmith may soon unfurl iconic anthems destined for singer-songwriter royalty.

The EP proposes Mia boasts the stellar vocal control and nuanced songwriting abilities to potentially achieve the storied status of Mitchell/Bareilles with experience. But for now, this novice appears content mapping her own course gradually as she evolves into her artistic identity. Where that journey leads long-term remains thrillingly undefined – much like this initial foray “Open Book” suggests more tantalizing treasures await just beneath the tentative surface.

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