Marcus Smith Gives Hopes Through New Single – Day After Day

Marcus Smith is a rapper, singer, and multi-instrumentalist from Cleveland, Ohio. This is my upcoming album’s 2nd single “Day After Day.” Marcus Smith releases the second single from his upcoming sophomore album Unique Mélange.

This song was co-written by his little brother and himself and features 5 part harmonies, hand percussion breakdowns, and a vibraslap.

The single Day After Day, is an upbeat alternative hip-hop groove with a funk flair, the song was released on January 27th currently on all streaming platforms. For 15 years Marcus Smith has played in hip-hop bands Black & Broke and SANKURO, currently Smith is now navigating the music scene as a solo artist.

Pop, funk, 90s rap were all carefully brewed to create Day after Day a feel good ballad, he opened the song with alternating guitar which he taught himself how to play.

At the early age of 14, each summer he taught himself how to play musical instruments and currently he plays five musical instruments, the paino, guitar, bass, ukulele, and drums.

The song is a nod to my father, who sings on the chorus with me, and the advice he gave me during rough points in my life. It’s a feel good song for when you’re down that will remind you that: “You’re always moving forward, day after day after day after day.”

Marcus is currently working on his sophomore album Unique Mélange scheduled to release in Spring 2023. The album’s lead off singles includes the UK Garage style She Don’t Care and the Alternative Hip-Hop Day After Day (releasing Jan 27th).

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