Libby Akerman “Conversations” A Harmonious Debut

Libby Akerman’s debut EP “Conversations” is a tender foray into the blooming garden of alternative pop, where soul influences are in full spring. From the first notes, it cradles the listener with graceful female vocals that glide effortlessly over an intricate tapestry woven from both modern and timeless threads.

Each of the five songs on the EP is a whispering confidant to moments of begging that serenity lasts just a while longer. The silk-threaded voice of the Liverpool-based musician is only the tip of the iceberg. Her flair for music production shows in the delicate decisions behind the soundboard.

Libby Akerman "Conversations" A Harmonious Debut
Libby Akerman “Conversations” A Harmonious Debut

In ‘Conversations’, Libby achieves what many strive for but few capture: she creates space. In the auditory room, there’s enough air surrounding each note for listeners to feel wrapped up but never crowded—like guests rather than intruders into personal stories told with universal appeal.

They range from chill-wave escapist pursuits to downtempo contemplations like early Lorde or Birdy flavoured with a hint of Corinne Bailey Rae.

This collection shows less like an arrival and more like a promise. A musical embrace assuring us that we can expect conversations worth having if we’re willing to listen closely to Libby Akerman’s whispers amongst universal shouts.

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