Jimmy de la Mar Returns with a Bang: “I Just Need to Know” – Your Ultimate Electronic Dance Party Anthem

If you’ve been following our previous interview, you’re probably familiar with the incredibly talented songwriter, lyricist, and producer, Jimmy de la Mar. Well, guess what? He’s back with a new release that’s guaranteed to blow you away – “I Just Need to Know.” This infectious electronic dance music is specifically designed to uplift your mood and get you moving to the beat.

“I Just Need to Know” marks Jimmy de la Mar’s third release this year, and it’s clear that he’s pulling out all the stops to bring the ultimate summer party vibes. With this song, he aimed to create a track that embodies the spirit of fun, whether you’re partying, dancing, or simply enjoying a much-needed vacation. It’s all about having a good time when you listen to this sensational tune.

Just like the captivating video accompanying “I Just Need to Know,” the song itself has been crafted to lure you onto the dancefloor. The irresistible beats and exhilarating melodies will make it impossible to resist moving your body and losing yourself in the music. Jimmy de la Mar knows how to create a track that speaks to the inner dancer in all of us.

So, get ready to groove and let loose as Jimmy de la Mar’s “I Just Need to Know” becomes your ultimate electronic dance party anthem. It’s time to embrace the infectious energy of this song and let it transport you to a world where joy, celebration, and pure musical bliss reign supreme. Get your dancing shoes on and prepare for a mind-blowing experience that will leave you craving for more.

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