Jerusha Entertaining Game Of “Monopoly”

Jerusha is a multi-talented artist from NYC, who is currently becoming a well-known figure in music and acting. Jerusha first made her presence known on Broadway and television with appearances in shows such as Atlanta, alongside Donald Glover. She began her music career in 2020, and her debut single Aquafina was produced by Rice N’ Pease’s Mike Woods, who has famously produced for artists including Bazzi and Anne-Marie.

Jerusha is no stranger to the local music scene, having performed at acclaimed venues such as Nublu, The Delancey, Heaven Can Wait, The Bitter End, and even Times Square. With her latest single “Monopoly” released February 17th, 2023, Jerusha continues to work fervently, making a name for herself in both NYC’s music and entertainment scene.

The opening notes of Jerusha’s eagerly awaited 2023 release, “Monopoly”, take listeners on a delightful journey into the liberating and thrilling experience of beautiful, guilt-free exploration. With her soft and powerful female vocals soaring over an infectious, alternative pop soundscape and latin inspired beat, Monopoly is truly captivating.

The chorus of the track is truly unforgettable, and has an uplifting and carefree vibe that elicits a joyous spirit in listeners. Jerusha’s delivery is passionate yet gentle, and contains multilayers of intricate vocal technique. The production creates a chill, airy atmosphere, which allows the listener to genuinely appreciate the artistry of the track.

The song is a reminder to stay in the moment and live life to the fullest, to take each day one step at a time and enjoy the process. It’s also about joyously embracing adventurous playfulness without building worrisome attachments. The message of the track is applicable to people of all ages and is sure to bring smiles to faces with its catchy and optimistic tone.

Overall, Jerusha skillfully crafts a modern tune that perfectly encapsulates the surge of emotions we all feel when we let go and surrender to the moment – all while delivering one super catchy pop jam! Stream “Monopoly” today – it won’t leave you feeling board anytime soon.

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