pastels & Jessica Domingo Wish It “Could’ve Been U”

It must be a horrible experience to be a witness to the crushing of a lifelong desire, the yearning that you could have spent the rest of your life with the person you love the most.

pastels creates a deeper personal connection between herself and the audience by weaving her own thoughts and experiences into the song.

She writes a song about it all, and then she has Jessica Domingo sing “Could’ve Been U” to illustrate that she isn’t the only one who feels the way she does about it.

This song exemplifies the singer’s genuine skill as well as the emotional sensitivity that sets truly great artists apart from those who merely play the notes.

It is a theme that may be connected to by a large number of individuals, making it one that is frequently investigated in music and other forms of art. pastels just joined the crew!

As she reflects on a love that has passed, the Australian vocalist draws inspiration from her own personal past to produce lyrics for her songs that are bathed in nostalgia, longing, and grief.

The band’s capacity to convey emotion and build a connection with their audience serves as a potent type of treatment.

The vocalist has high hopes that this song would inspire listeners to conquer whatever challenges life throws at them and move on with their lives feeling more powerful and self-assured.

Listen to the song below and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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