Anthony Quaid Employs Elle Baez To Drop This “Tempting” Song

Altering the dynamics of the music, tinkering with the tempo and rhythm, and making use of vocal inflections are all instruments that a composer has at their disposal while writing music of this quality.

Anthony Quaid was the one who was instrumental in making this happen, and he even got Elle Baez involved to help make this a fantastic song.

The song “Tempting” is a sensual, dramatic synth-pop duet that was a big success both on its own and as a result of the cooperation between the two superstars.

Since its inception, “Tempting” has made use of gorgeous electronic soundscapes in order to investigate love and sexual need.

In addition to trading verses, the two provided vocal harmonies over a rhythm section and electronic synthesizers as Anthony Quaid is inspired by Sam Smith and Ariana Grande.

Also, throughout the song, they discuss overcoming temptation and addiction, which can be a difficult and complicated psychological experience.

This is because the song portrays, in great detail, the band members’ own real-life experiences with overcoming their vices.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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