Impressive Debut “Without” By Sarah Mickey

Emerging onto the alt-pop rock scene with an unapologetically anthemic solo debut, Sarah Mickey’s first single, “Without,” is a nostalgic powerhouse of a track that promises a bright future for this up-and-coming artist. Drawing upon the 1990s’ raw, guitar-driven pop-rock aesthetic, the single is a taste of her first EP, “Imposter Syndrome,” set for release this coming May.

The production on “Without” is both lush and refined, with an unmistakable 1990s vibe that harkens back to the golden era of alternative rock. The single is produced and co-written by the renowned Adam Tilzer, whose deft touch brings out the best in Sarah Mickey’s powerhouse vocals and evocative lyrics. The song’s upbeat tempo is juxtaposed against melancholic chords and introspective lyrics, making it a fitting anthem for “all the sad girls” out there.

The opening few lines of “Without” immediately elicit an upbeat feeling, bringing to mind the contagious melodies and memorable hooks of alt-pop rock titans like Alanis Morissette and Fiona Apple. However, Sarah Mickey distinguishes herself from her predecessors through her unique vocal timbre and contemporary spin on the genre.

The heart of “Without” is the raw, passionate female vocals of Sarah Mickey. Her verses about love, loss, and self-discovery are delivered in a fascinating vocal. It’s impossible not to feel a visceral connection to the emotion she pours into her performance.

The single’s anthemic chorus, filled with swelling guitars and soaring vocals, cements its status as a future alt-pop rock classic. “Without” is a song for all sad girls, but it’s also a testament to the resilience and strength that can be found in vulnerability. It serves as a rallying cry for everybody who has ever felt lost or confused.

As the first taste of her forthcoming EP, “Imposter Syndrome,” “Without” is a stellar introduction to Sarah Mickey’s immense talent and potential. There’s little doubt that she’ll be an artist to watch in the upcoming years if the rest of the EP has even half the emotional punch of this track. With its infectious hooks, relatable lyrics, and unforgettable melody, “Without” is a shining example of what’s to come from this promising alt-pop rocker.

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