Holy Høly’s “Common” Stirs Up Sonic Soup

In the sonic soup that is “Common” by Holy Høly, one can’t help but feel stirrings of a cosmic diner late at night—where notes are served not on plates, but float through air, fusing classical arcs with lo-fi snaps. The effect is both unsettling and enticing as Ewa Baran dances her fingers against piano keys like raindrops tiptoeing across a forbidden metallic roof.

Enter Kafiristan wielding saxophone and drums—not as weapons but as utensils to slice through layers of dense auditory fog. Szymon Nożyński’s lo-fi samples sprinkle over this feast like sage leaves tossed into a simmering autumn stew; each note sizzles in its own right without overshadowing the others.

This ensemble under Italian label Cultural Bridge concocts more than music; they engineer an atmosphere where jazz flirts shamelessly with disruption—the soulful bleats of sax clashing beautifully against synths’ systematic pulses. It’s less of a song, more an experiment in controlled chaos: every sound calculated yet wild, boundaried yet boundless.

Holy Høly’s “Common” Stirs Up Sonic Soup
Holy Høly’s “Common” Stirs Up Sonic Soup

“Common” isn’t merely named; it’s enacted—a communal table set for disparate genres to commune lavishly amidst steely echoes and velvety verses. With Holy Høly steering the ship towards uncharted musical territories, listeners find themselves voluntary castaways on an island where convention doesn’t tread and normalcy has no voice.

Thus remains “Common,” haunting our playlists long after silence returns—an echo chamber of eclectic tales best absorbed between heartbeats.

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