From Retro Roots to Futuristic Flair: Exploring Carsten Schnell’s ‘Heiss!’

I’d like to introduce you to this amazing artist in electronic music scene – Carsten Schnell who has been producing those mind-blowing tracks since 90s, and recently came up with this track named – “Heiss!”this jam is a straight up lesson on how to mix the old school vibe with the new school rhythm that will keep heads nodding cross generational boarders.

“Heiss!” starts with these arpeggiated rhythms that would remind you of those days of synthesizers from Roland and Yamaha. And just as one thinks he’s seen it all, one wakes up to this!He comes at you with these orchestrated, modern broke beats and electronic dance music elements that make the song fresh.

Like an adrenaline rush that lasts just a few minutes, “Heiss!” is still packed with hooks, and been given Carsten’s trademark radio-friendly sheen, without losing any of its depth and dynamics. It has an incredible beat, the rhythm is perfect, and it has an energy that is perfect for playing in clubs as well as listening to when compilation is being made.

Carsten is a magician at combining people and robots as features, and the manner he incorporates these futuristic vocal inserts to “Heiss!” lends the number a sci-fi feel that is rather fitting.

But here is where “Heiss!” gets really exciting – the name of the show means “hot” in English and one can draw a conclusions that the creators of the show were referring to climate change. During you are dancing the night away to the catchy beats, Carsten calmly reminds you about global warming and the effects of people on the environment. Genius, right?

It’s, perhaps, a perfect blend of his pioneering work and his predisposition to exploring uncharted territory within the electronica sphere. This track helps to preserve his creativity to the maximum, and to introduce himself to the modern listeners as an innovative musician. Be prepared for some fun, tears and motivation – all at the same time!

Listen to Heiss! Below

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Mister Styx
Mister Styx
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