A Decade in the Making: TONYT’s Explosive ‘Revolving Doors’

Let me put it simply – when you listen to TONYT’s latest single ‘Revolving Doors’ you would not be wrong to assume it is a track from a full band with several musicians. First things first, you are met with the first chord progressions that immediately remind you of early pop-punk from the 2000s.

The breakdown towards the end is heavier and more aggressive for a metal band here and now with these killer electronic elements and synth lines occurring here and there. All in all, it is a deliciously dynamic and multifaceted ride and its complexities make it a roller coaster ride all the way.

This track gets straight to the topic that is most contemporary to the United Kingdom, given the circumstance of the impending election. How it reflects the current culture and mood, kind of like a soundtrack to the crazed political climate people are experiencing at the moment. Talk about depth!

And you know what? The story of creating ‘Revolving Doors’ is as surreal as the tune of the song. When Tony and Josh recently discovered a demo they recorded while in college over a decade ago, they took over a year to pass ideas back and forth to each other before the creation of this project from two ‘hyperactive’ friends. That constant to-ing and fro-ing has paid off big time and what we get is a track that is well thought out and yet it is raw with energy.

Moving forward, the guys are already planning strategies to adapt “Revolving Doors” to a stage performance with an album release, live sessions, music videos, and remixes on the horizon. They’re sure to knock the roof off!!!

All in all, ‘Revolving Doors’ is nothing but another testimony on TONYT’s capacity of integrating all those different musical jigsaw puzzles into one coherent, engaging and not to mention catchy musical piece. It is a track that reflects the turbulent nature with which it was recorded, and the turbulent political climate it discusses, all the while being one hell of a fun, explosive, and powerful alt-rock song. Watch these two: they are only beginning to blaze new trails and cause ripples in the industry.

Listen to Revolving Doors below

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