Finding Truth in Music: A Look at Jeristotle’s ‘They Sold Me On The TV

Jeristotle, a hip-hop artist from Virginia has released his first solo album “The Birth Of An Artist” and it is rocking the world. Thus, despite his late entrance into the music scene Jeristotle demonstrates that age is not a limiting factor in creating significant tunes.

This song is entirely about Jeristotle’s sojourn- his high points, low valleys and all the rest in between. The hit song “ They Sold Me On The TV” reflects on the dirty side of dream-chasing in a music business. Jeristotle has got soulful tunes and lyrics that can penetrate through the static, inspiring us to remain true even when things get rough.

“They Sold Me On The TV” is not just another song. It acts as a warning for artists to remain authentic at all costs. Jeristotle’s making waves with hits such as “Absolute Destruction” and “What Do I Want,” continues that vibe on his latest single.

Truths on the music industry and personal growth are laid down by Jeristotle in “They Sold me On The TV”. His words strike a hard punch, but they also elevate you and remind us to follow our calling with integrity regardless of what the rest of the world is selling.

The flow of Jeristotle in ‘They Sold Me On The TV’ is as smooth and creamy as butter, with the beat creating a perfect atmosphere for his message. It is the kind of track which will make you clench your head in agreement and play it again when its over.

There is more to Jeristotle’s “The Birth Of An Artist” than beats; he is giving a small part of himself away. It is a real music, touching and full of heart that no one who ever followed some dreams or danced to his own rhythm will not listen.

Listen to They Sold Me On The TV below

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