Doris Out With EP “Storm Doris”

In the constantly changing indie rock scene, it’s great to find a band that embraces their originality and creates distinct, daring music. And that’s precisely what London-based band, Doris, has achieved with their debut album, “Storm Doris.” Seven tracks of pure audio delight, the album serves as a breath of fresh air in an industry saturated with trend-chasers and wannabes.

There’s a little bit of magic swirling around Doris – a band born from a stormy night in London, which perhaps explains the palpable energy and fervor in their music. This eclectic group of musicians found their niche in blending shoegaze and dream pop influences, taking the best of both worlds and enhancing it with their distinct flair. It’s like stumbling upon a forgotten diary, full of familiar emotions and memories but wrapped in an enigmatic veil you can’t help but explore.

“Storm Doris” has quickly established itself as an anthemic, super-catchy gem, laden with dreamy and melodic tracks that’ll have you humming along in no time. Led by Romy Jo’s ethereal vocals, Andrew Lancaster’s shimmering guitar riffs, and Jerry Lane’s cinematic keyboards, this diverse collection of songs has a way of sneaking into your soul and leaving an indelible mark. The album’s backbone is fortified by Joseph John’s bass and Jonny Maiden’s drumming, which effortlessly ties everything together.

Kudos to Producer Hugh Fielding, whose meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout the album. The signature sound of Doris is masterfully captured, amplified, and honed to perfection, ensuring that every note, chord, and harmony is felt in its entirety. The result is a soundscape that’s rich, emotive, and atmospherically breathtaking.

“Storm Doris” presents a bold debut album showcasing Doris’ talent to merge fun and chaos. The genuinely honest, emotional, and captivating music offers seven tracks, each revealing a different aspect of the band – from the thrilling highs to deep vulnerability, creating a journey worth exploring.

In an age lacking true musical substance, bands like Doris offer authentic, thought-provoking music. Their unique blend of indie rock and dreamy atmospherics in “Storm Doris” is inspired by stormy London nights. For a fresh and groundbreaking sound, don’t miss out on listening to Doris.

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