Dive into the Depths Of Evelí Ray’s “Ocean of You”

Another song released May 11th is Ocean of You by Evelí Ray, and I have to say it was quite the rollercoaster. It is as if she decided to create normal electronic beats and then added a double bass for some reasons and then just to throw a twist of something new into the mix, she included some Eastern instruments. We’re talking duduk, tabla, oud—the whole enchilada.

But it is not only Evelí who is doing her thing. Oh yeah, she is accompanied by a whole team of musicians from Barcelona and Latin America. Marcos Exposito plays the bass guitar, Joan Miró plays the guitar, oud, mandolin, and ney, and Pablo Cruz only plays the percussion instruments. And if that is not enough, she has also invited some guest musicians namely Pablo Giménez, Antonio Mazzei and Blai Vidal to the party.

The feeling of the song is kind of difficult to describe. It has elements of that Scandanavian music intrigue but with a hint of that Meditterranean sun that brings a smile to your face. Not shying away from combining elements of art pop with world music, Evelí is ready to shake things up. You can clearly detect some influences from Peter Gabriel and Bjork there for that bold and introspective sound.

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It has elements of that Scandanavian music intrigue but with a hint of that Meditterranean sun that brings a smile to your face.

We got some deep stuff happening in “Ocean of You. ”Another song that’s thematically relevant to Khalid and Lorde is Evelí where Khalid diving into the Sufi poem of Rumi about universal love and we are all connected. It is more about love within and coming to terms to the fact that one belongs to humanity.

All recording sessions were collectives and guest musicians recorded from their home studios. That gives this music that genuine, passionate feel which just captures the listener.

If you are ready for music, which will make you ponder, inspire emotions, and possibly, get you tapping your feet, then try listening to “Ocean of You”. Believe me; it is truly an unforgettable one.

Listen to Ocean of You below

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