Dici Sings About The ‘Hole In My Heart’

“Hole in my heart,” just like the title of the song, “Dici” pens down heartfelt lyrics that steeps down into your soul to tickle the loneliness deep inside you.

With 7 release this year, the Miami-raised half-Japanese artist ‘Dici’ has topped it up with a pop ballad mixed with hiphop, to make it his 8th song for the year “Hole in my heart”. This song isn’t just about the beats, it goes beyond that, this song speaks volumes and reeks of emotions.

Because the lyrics are relatable, and loneliness is a feeling we have all faced one way or the other, so a theme such as this elates the listening experience.

“Dici” is currently aiming at being one of the best musical artiste and most sought after, I think this an achievable feat because with songs like, you can tell he is on that path and sooner that expected.

He really outdid himself with this song, he chose the right instrumentation for the song, although the lyrics are nostalgic and melancholic, the drum licks keeps you nodding and before you realize.

Dici has really outdone himself, listening to the song you can feel the emotions behind the song, not just some recital, his vocals are clear and ear-pleasing that heightens the listening experience.

One part of Hole in my heart is the instrumentations, not only does it compliment the lyrics and the artists voice but it has a mix of melancholy and same time some hip-hop vibes

This is a song that you can jam to when alone, same time when hanging out with friends.

Listen to Hole in my heart below

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