Che Arthur Cements Their Legacy With ‘For That Which Now Lies Fallow’

Guys, have you heard the latest from Chicago’s own Che Arthur? His new solo album “For That Which Now Lies Fallow” is an absolute banger!

For those not in the know, Che is the mastermind behind post-hardcore groups like Pink Avalanche and Atombombpocketknife. But with this fourth solo effort, he’s really baring his soul.

The whole album is Che pouring out his guts about the tough stuff he’s been through – health issues, loneliness, heartbreak, feeling like an outsider. It’s raw and real, but not just him wallowing. These songs are like his weapons against all that darkness, giving strength to him and everyone listening.

From the opening punch of “This Lost Champion” to the haunting vibes of “Cold Blood Run Dry”, Che takes you on one hell of an emotional ride. His vocals have so much intensity and the instrumentals are on point. Tracks like “In The Gray” and “The Garment” are little masterpieces of storytelling that’ll stick with you long after.

What’s dope about “For That Which Now Lies Fallow” is how it all flows together so smoothly while mixing it up with different sounds. Che’s voice is always front and center, but he’s incorporating all these genres – ripping guitar riffs, beautiful melodies. It’s a whole experience for your ears.

Standouts like “No Harbor” and “Cold Blood Run Dry” show how Che’s evolved as an artist while keeping that gritty authenticity he’s known for. After this album, dude has cemented himself as one of the realest voices in alt-rock today. I’m already fiending for what he does next.

Bottom line – “For That Which Now Lies Fallow” is Che Arthur bleeding all over the mic and creating something powerful AF. The raw feelings, the skilled musicianship, the captivating storytelling…it’s going to stick with fans for a long time. Che’s a legend in the making.

Listen to For That Which Now Lies Fallow below

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