Charles Fauna Presents Brand New Song “Diner”

Los Angeles, CA singer, Charles Fauna bounces back onto the music scenes with this new song named “Diner”.

“Diner” oozes with passion and active thought from the first beat drop and atmospherics. It’s the sort of tune that makes you want to take the long road home so you can pretend you’re in a music video.

You can’t help but believe Charles Fauna is speaking directly to you as the chorus begins.

On what actually inspired the song, Charles says, “Diner was inspired by New Order, Coldplay and classic 80’s pop. Diner is a story song. It’s about a teenage girl whose mother is absent. Her father was always reluctant to have children, only really doing so for the mother. So when the mom is out of the picture the father withdraws from the daughter. He can’t look at her without being reminded of the wife that he will never have again. The girl is left alone in her pain because of her father’s behavior. She decides that if her birth family won’t be there for her, that she must venture forth to create a new family of her own. The open choruses of this song are meant to soundtrack her driving away from that childhood home, pedal to the metal, heartbroken yet for the first time in her life – truly free”

Charles Fauna has always been lured to the glamor and glam of the show industry, as well as the theatrical character of it. Charles’ father, a television producer, allowed him to accompany him to award presentations and concerts.

Even back then, Charles had a feeling it will be him on stage one day. Before moving on to his teen songwriting phase, he took drum classes and taught himself piano.

When college rolled around, though, the prospect of pursuing a full-time career seemed too intimidating. As a result, he enrolled at NYU to study Sociology and relegated music-making to his dorm room.

However, as the years passed, Charles became part of a close-knit group of like-minded artists. At the age of 24, he created Paideia, an experimental music project.

As he gained confidence, he realized that adopting this pseudonym was a method of protecting himself from vulnerability, from completely owning his talent.

As a result, he dropped the stage name in 2017 and began recording songs under his real identity. With millions of streams, critical acclaim, and performance at SXSW, it’s safe to conclude that success has followed.

Eulogy, his debut EP, was published in 2019. Yonder, his debut album, was released in 2020. Listen to the new one below and follow him on social media via @charlesfauna on Instagram and Facebook.

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