Carter Fox Records ‘Spring Wind’ Live With Steve Honz

The musical journey of Carter Fox begun during the early stages of his life, he started making music when he was about 15 years old, since then he’s been an active musician, songwriter, producer and artist.

Carter Fox’s record showcases his distinct, “cool” musical style. Carter Fox makes music that inspires and empowers people to feel good while pursuing their aspirations to improve the world around them, ranging from downtempo chill-hop to even blending in experimental jazz.

He aspires to one day write music for video games and films, his style of ‘chill-fi’ music is inspired by a passion for astronomy and a deep love for video games

His current single ‘Spring Wind’ featured Steve Honz and was recorded live in one take at Everloft Studios in Skippack, PA and filmed and Edited by Josh Mitchell.

‘Spring Wind’ is about traversing the beautiful cosmos and the many different entities one can experience while soulfully traveling around the universe.

In this new live studio rendition of his song ‘Spring Wind,’ Fox and collaborator Steve Honz bring his music inspired by outer space, video games, and being good to each other to life in an entertaining fashion.


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Mister Styx
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