Bloodlin3 and Twista Bring the Heat with “No Mercy”: A Must-Listen Hip-Hop Masterpiece

If the next generation of rappers hold any hope to rival the greats, Bloodlin3 – the trio made up of Mallachi, Stephen King, and Reinman Quiji – are the permanent proof that they can. On the instant that the peculiar synths come in and that banging beat hits, you already know that it’s going to be a crazy ride. These dudes just have you hooked off the get go with nonstop rapid-fire and super fresh phrases, giving your ears a real buzz. For example, he raps, “How am I flowering is similar to open heart surgery,” and “You may never destroy me when I’m checking and recollecting. ” Wow, that’s hard-driver!

However, just when you think it can’t get any more mad & insane, the legendary spitter Twista charges the battlefield and makes this song burst so high that it reaches the stratosphere. He just cuts through with his blinding flow, his fast riff just slicing through the beat like a surgical precision, tieing everything perfectly to Bloodlin3’s already hard-hitting bars. Listening to them trade verses back and forth might cause you to get your adrenaline going, so that you will keep your eyes and ears glued for the whole duration of the track.

In terms of the lyrics, “No Mercy” resonates like Bloodlin3’s full-power rousing oratory. They are transparent in saying that they are there to walk the path of themselves, not to keep up with what’s cool at the moment. They weave the line “We don’t even try to climb the popularity trends, but instead, we pave our individual way,” they spit, a defiant shout-out to the fans that prefer raw and real hip-hop over soulless commercialism. For one, they show the 90s influences like Eminem and Bone Thugs, but they did these in their own completely modern style.

This story is a tip of an iceberg of what we can expect from the Bloodlin3 and Twista collaboration – a real explosion of hip-hop skills and creativity. Whichever category you belong to; old-school hip-hop head or new-school rap fanatic, ‘No Mercy’ should find a spot in your playlist asap. Believe the hype!

Listen to No Mercy (feat. Twista) below

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