Arliston: Skyward Strumming to the Heights of “How in Heaven”

Radically raw and strikingly sincere, Arliston’s alt-folk EP ‘How in Heaven’ gifts the listener with an intimate understanding of their artistry, unfolding like a poet’s cherished journal, tenderly strummed over a pensive acoustic backdrop.

In this five-track offering, London-based duo Jack and George harness a stripped-down power to transport listeners into a melancholic crooning of narratives teeming with social anxieties and dreaming wonders. It’s like Simon & Garfunkel and Mumford & Sons teamed up to tackle modern life’s harshness through nostalgic pop.

Throughout the EP, the earnest, soulful male vocals piece our collective hearts together, tackling subjects that inherently quake our societal perception.

Arliston: Skyward Strumming to the Heights of "How in Heaven"
Arliston: Skyward Strumming to the Heights of “How in Heaven”

Each track showcases a distinct personality within the indie pop universe, thanks to the duo’s remarkable ability in curating their musical aesthetic. Their thoughtful arrangements and fine-tuned production invoke the billowing mists of the British countryside, adding an ethereal atmosphere to the heartfelt lyrics and subtle harmonies.

Rhythmic warmth emanates from “451“, where it incorporate jazz melodies over crescendos of stirring harmonies – a testament to the duo’s versatile instrumental prowess. The key to understanding this EP, however, lies not exclusively in the melancholic narratives; it’s also in the spaces between the chords where a collective, silent expression can be heard – a whisper of sadness, a sigh of weariness, a gasp of surprise.

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“Backwards” is also a key song in the EP, presenting us with Arliston’s canvas of complex human emotions with sheer humility and spine-chilling honesty. Their music breaks down our emotional defences and draws us into a shared, intimate space – compelling us to dig into our interior landscapes, reflecting on our anxieties, dreams, and the tender nuances that make us human.

Arliston has created not just an EP, but an empathetic echo chamber for those seeking solace and connection; a haunted and beautiful refuge sympathetic to our shared vulnerabilities. As we are led deeper into the labyrinth of ‘How in Heaven’, Arliston generously lights the way, showing us we are not alone in the dark. This atmospheric, London-born gem is but a primer to their ambitious musical journey – a duo we should watch with eyes trained skyward for where they’ll guide us next.

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