A Decade in Reflection: Skimo’s Journey Through ‘Connected Memory

After being away for over a decade Skimo returns with his debut album which is worth the wait, all those years of being in hiatus have paid off, and this is proof of his musical growth and dedication to his craft, he titles this album “Connected Mind.”

Join me as we unravel the album and dig deeper. The album kicks off with “What We Could Have Been,” he sets the mood with its dreamy synth pads and the use of quirky beats, characteristic of Boards of Canada’s “evocative” style.

The title track, “Connected Memory,” further highlights Skimo’s talent with its blend of prickly synth strikes and lush melodies, drawing listeners deeper into his introspective narrative. Tracks like “Let It Fly” and “Take My Hand” feature haunting vocals and dynamic synth tones, adding layers of depth and emotion to the album’s sonic tapestry.

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“Connected Memory,” further highlights Skimo’s talent with its blend of prickly synth strikes and lush melodies

Skimo’s collaboration with talented songstress Ash on tracks like “Was I Always There” adds a nuanced vocal dimension to the album, enriching its already compelling narrative.

In discussing the inspiration behind “Connected Memory,” Skimo reflects on his journey back to music production, likening it to excavating fragments of his old self while embracing newfound wisdom. This introspective approach infuses the album with a sense of authenticity and emotional depth, inviting listeners to join Skimo on his voyage of rediscovery.

The album has a total of 10 songs on it, the songs are unique and distinct. Overall, “Connected Memory” is not just an album; it’s a testament to artistic freedom and the power of creative resurgence. Skimo’s return to the music scene is marked by a bold exploration of sound and self, making this album a must-listen for electronic music enthusiasts and introspective listeners alike.

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