Wexford’s ‘Moving On’: A Poignant Prelude to ‘Silent Key’

The last single from the Sandusky-based band Wexford is released and it is called “Moving On. ” The band’s full album entitled “Silent Key” will be out by late summer. As one of the most prominent bands of the punk, post-hardcore, and alternative genres, the Wexford captures the message of this track in its deeply emotional style.

The meanings of the piece ‘Moving On’ encompass new change, strength and the processes that are involved in transition after overcoming challenges. The introspective topic and tempo of the track lets listeners consider their own processes of overcoming obstacles and obtaining growth from hardships. Being a ballad, “Moving On” brings out the best in lyrics and music so relevant to Wexford’s culture.

The band composed of Dave Mueller, the vocalist and guitarist, Andy Kohlmann the vocalist and guitarist, bass guitarist, Shawn Daley and Jeff Vandebussche on drums, gives a great performance. They have energetic rhythmic base, intricate guitar and powerful vocals with strong emotion behind them. The single is by Shawn Patrick Thomas Daley and it is recorded in The Mohawk Studio in Sandusky OH and mastered by Brian Lucey the engineer of Black Keys, Green Day.

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Wexford has this vintage appeal, but its sound is new and unique

The official video for “Moving On” which was recorded and directed by Brad Walton of Cineres Creative Productions supplements the storyline depicted in the song with visual accompaniment. The artwork of the single is emblematic, designed by Sean Carrol of Sandusky Bay Poster Works in an effective manner to support the themes of the song.

Some of the rock and punk bands that have inspired Wexford include Hot Water Music, Fugazi, Hum, Rival Schools, Quicksand, and Dinosaur Jr. Consequently, Wexford has this vintage appeal, but its sound is new and unique. Considering that “Moving On” immediately precedes “Silent Key,” it can only foreshadow that the rest of the album will offer meaningful and inspiring compositions. Stream “Moving On” now on every digital platform possible.

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