Weston Estate Is Carving Out A New Space With Their New Single ‘Where Do We Go’

They are the definitive “ya Aunty’s Favourite Boy Band,” and they’re on the rise as a lo-fi alternative band out of Cary, North Carolina called Weston Estate.

Weston Estate is a band from Los Angeles that features Srikar Nanduri on guitar, Manas Panchavati and Tanmay Joshi on vocals, Abhi Manhass on bass and production, and Marco Luka on vocals.

Evidence of the band’s ingenuity and perseverance may be seen in their backstory. In 2017, during a Playstation party, Abhi and Tanmay began freestyling, which eventually resulted in a song created at Abhi’s new FL studio.

The band members had to sneak into Abhi’s basement for their first recording session, where they created a dancehall tune that copied Indian music. The group decided to establish Weston Estate as a result of the song’s popularity.

The band’s “Saturday Nights” single displays their unique sound and commercial preparedness. The song’s ethereal ambience is the product of a beautiful fusion of enormous harmonies and duetting lead vocals.

The mumble-sing voice and puppy love-tinged lyrics are wonderfully complemented by the track’s bassline and a low-key hip-hop beat.

Weston Estate’s current song, “Where Do We Go,” is influenced by a variety of sources, including the music of musicians like Daniel Caesar, Young Thug, and Frank Ocean as well as the band’s personal life.

Their music stands out because of the way it fuses elements from other cultures, low-fidelity soundscapes, and unusual melodies. With each successive album, Weston Estate creates a distinct and exciting persona. As they develop and improve over the next several years, they will be an exciting band to keep an eye on.

At first glance “Where Do We Go” portrays a relationship that has come to an end. Throughout the song, we look back on the bittersweet moments from former relationships and wonder if we made the right decision in leaving. A closer look into the song shows that it is also about the introspection that comes from post-breakup clarity. The introspective dive one takes shows the inner dialogue that exists within us as we grapple with carving a path for ourselves while trying to balance the noise we hear from the outside world.

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