“Waste My Time” Is Eleanor’s New Narrative Single

The outcome of witnessing a platonic relationship develop into a romantic one is absolutely up in the air.  There is a possibility of both positive and negative results.  In any event, you are required to continue with the activity.

Eleanor, a phenomenal Canadian vocalist, paints a realistic image of exactly this kind of event in her most recent track, which is titled “Waste My Time.”

She creates expressive and potent ballads by employing a compositional method that is focused on the telling of a tale, drawing inspiration from her own battles with loss and recovery.

The uncertain beginnings of a friendly connection served as the inspiration for the song’s creation. The title of the song captures both the chorus and the primary argument that it presents.

Eleanor’s songwriting shows a high level of both artistic skill and technical skill because it can successfully show a wide range of emotions.

The fact that Eleanor’s song moved us so many times shows that she is both talented and creative in equal measure.

Thanks to Eleanor, we now have one of those rare and lovely songs that has the ability to both give you the shivers and make your heart melt all at the same time.

Listen to the song below and follow her on Tik Tok and Instagram.




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