Unfolding a Timeless Classic: Exploring Luke Aaron Clark’s “Paper Tongue”

As one delves into Luke Aaron Clark’s re-released EP, the transcendent “Paper Tongue,” it becomes apparent that the world at large has been missing out on an enchanting acoustic treasure since its initial UK-only release back in 2011. The British artist, sound engineer, and founder of Flow Studios, based in France, finally brings this intimate and exquisite alt-folk collection to the worldwide stage in May 2023, and listeners would be wise not to let this gem slip through their fingers.

Recorded in Nashville, USA, “Paper Tongue” features earnest storytelling interwoven with soothing melodies that feel simultaneously familiar and fresh. The EP presents five songs, each exploring a facet of relationships through Luke Aaron Clark’s heartfelt songwriting, accompanied by smooth vocals that transport the listener into a state of mellow introspection.

The soundscapes provided in this album are reminiscent of the golden era, drawing parallels with legends such as James Taylor and Nick Drake. Yet, with his unique blend of male vocals and soul-touching lyrics, Clark manages to set himself apart, carving a niche in today’s alt-folk music scene. His command over the guitar, combined with the backing instrumentation of master musicians such as Wes King, Ken Lewis, Buddy Green, Daniel Bernard Roumain, John Catchings, and Brent Milligan, result in lush arrangements that effortlessly evoke complex emotions.

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From the opening notes of the EP, it’s evident that Clark and co-producer Wes King prioritized authenticity and intimate human connection in their recording process. The engaging melodies of “Paper Tongue” draw the listener in for a comforting sonic embrace, with the harmonica, violin, cello, and double bass adding layers to the rich tapestry of sound.

The lush harmonies are particularly captivating, as they seamlessly intertwine with the soothing quality of Clark’s voice and form a compelling narrative that speaks to the universal experiences of love, loss, and longing. One cannot help but feel a connection to the raw honesty that permeates throughout the EP, an element that makes “Paper Tongue” wholly satisfying and accessible to listeners across musical tastes.

As you bask in the acoustic warmth of “Paper Tongue,” you’ll find yourself sinking into a state of relaxation, making the EP a perfect accompaniment to slow, reflective evenings or a balm for the chaos of modern living. Clark’s powerful songwriting and top-notch production make these alt-folk ballads feel nostalgic yet relevant.

With the worldwide release of “Paper Tongue,” Luke Aaron Clark invites listeners to join him on a journey of vulnerability and connection. This acoustic indulgence unfolds like an aged parchment, with each note gently curling and reaching out to those who lend their ears. This EP showcases the timeless appeal of singer-songwriter music, transcending borders.

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