Tally Koren Releases “Watch Your Thoughts (It’s Who You Are)” A Remix

There are moments in music that ignite your senses and send your thoughts spiraling into an enthralling, meditative trance. “Watch Your Thoughts (It’s Who You Are)” by Tally Koren is one such moment. This captivating release has been reinvented by Xander Milne, the renowned producer and collaborator of Tensnake, Cassius, Groove Armada, and Todd Edwards, and the result is nothing short of spectacular.

As the 6th single from Tally Koren’s forthcoming album “Do You Believe in Me?”, “Watch Your Thoughts (It’s Who You Are)” offers a unique blend of dance and electronic pop, while maintaining a subtle air of introspection. Tally Koren, best known musically for her highly regarded single “Beauty of the Duty,” which garnered a BBC Radio 2 feature and a Fringe Award for Best Singer Songwriter 2011, does not disappoint with this latest release.

From the very first note, you’re drawn into Koren’s ethereal world, where her stunning female vocals effortlessly glide through the verses, encased in a shimmering, electronic soundscape. Xander Milne’s remix adds a pulsating groove and captivating beat that are both hypnotic and invigorating. In this sonic landscape, Koren’s vocals blossom like a flower in the moonlight, with an emotive range reminiscent of Florence Welch and the emotional depth of Joni Mitchell.

The message of “Watch Your Thoughts (It’s Who You Are)” is beautifully complemented by the sensual, cinematic backdrop of the accompanying music video. Like the song, the visuals stir a sense of contemplation and self-awareness, creating an engaging journey for the viewer.

In a world of cookie-cutter pop tracks, Tally Koren and Xander Milne’s collaborative effort on this single stands out like a beacon of individuality. There is a potent chemistry between Koren’s introspective lyrics and soulful voice, and Milne’s innovative production techniques that results in a sonic masterpiece. The track evokes the same kind of emotional connection that is found in works by groundbreaking artists like Massive Attack or Björk, while carving out its unique path in the world of electronic pop.

“Watch Your Thoughts (It’s Who You Are)” is an invitation to lose yourself in the immersive, introspective world of Tally Koren. If this song is any indication of what to anticipate from her next album “Do You Believe in Me?,” we are in for a life-altering, breathtaking journey that will certainly resonate with music enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

So, if you’re in search of a new tune that bridges the gap between electronic dance and introspective pop, look no further than this sublime offering from Tally Koren and Xander Milne.

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