See How Exclaims They “Can’t Be Me”

Emerging from the electronic scene comes UK producer See How, debuting his solo project with the latest single “Can’t Be Me.” Combining elements of hyperpop, UK garage, and hip-hop, this break-up track showcases the artist’s knack for creating infectious dance beats with effortless genre-blending.

The opening moments of “Can’t Be Me” immediately grab your attention with syncopated, afrobeats that firmly establish the song’s electronic pop vibe foundation. As the track progresses, it expertly weaves in and out of various musical influences, showcasing See How’s versatility as a producer. It’s difficult not to be drawn into the hypnotic rhythm and swirling vortex of sounds.

A standout feature of this single is the female vocal lead, which shines brightly amid the frenzy of dense instrumentation. Borrowed from Splice and creatively repurposed, the vocals demand your attention, feeling both familiar and entirely fresh. Just as with the genre-blending beats, the vocal performance straddles multiple styles, fusing elements of soulful singing with short bursts of soft rap that propel the song forward.

What’s particularly captivating about “Can’t Be Me” is the way it manipulates samples. See How takes UK garage beats and twists them into a pulsating afrobeat/garage-hop hybrid, resulting in an innovative sound that is hard to pin down but still undeniably catchy. It’s a fantastic display of the producer’s creativity and resourcefulness.

Fans of experimental pop and electronica will undoubtedly gravitate toward this tune. That said, “Can’t Be Me” has the kind of infectious beat that transcends genre boundaries, making it a great fit for dance parties, workout playlists, or simply turning up the volume while cruising down the highway.

In a world where blending genres is becoming increasingly commonplace, See How has found a way to make his mark on the ever-evolving electronic music landscape, bringing UK garage and hyperpop to new heights through his latest single “Can’t Be Me.” It’s a thrilling debut that leaves listeners eager for more tunes from this budding artist. Meanwhile, let’s loop this and dance all night.

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