“Say What You Want” by The Passing Sages

As a music aficionado, stumbling upon new artists pushing the envelope is always a thrill. The Passing Sages, a vibrant six-piece funk-pop fusion outfit, do just that with their latest single, “Say What You Want.” Merging modern pop’s catchiness with a touch of retro and nostalgia, they make a bold entrance into the scene with this captivating release.

Since their inception, the band has released three singles and an EP, each showcasing their dedication to blending contemporary pop with elements of yesteryear. In “Say What You Want,” they’ve refined their sound, presenting a lively, groovy tune that stands out among their previous work.

The single delves into breaking barriers and speaking your truth, even when met with others’ disapproval. Powerhouse female vocals bring this message to life, conjuring the energy of legends like Florence Welch. These captivating vocals harmonize with funky instrumentals, resulting in a truly irresistible listening experience.

The band’s groovy essence shines in this track, featuring catchy basslines and tight rhythms that will get you moving. The six members demonstrate their musical prowess, skillfully weaving their instruments into a rich tapestry of sound without overcrowding the mix.

A sense of joy and playfulness permeates “Say What You Want,” striking a chord with listeners. The single exudes a lighthearted, happy-go-lucky vibe, transporting us to a time of roller discos and spontaneous dance parties. Their retro sound respectfully recalls the ’70s and ’80s’ finest moments while also blending in seamlessly with the modern music scene.

In terms of production, “Say What You Want” is sleek and well-crafted. The team behind the record successfully translated the band’s electrifying live energy into the studio version. The mix is well-balanced, giving each instrument room to shine without overshadowing the others.

“Say What You Want” by The Passing Sages is a welcome and upbeat addition to the music landscape. It is absorbing and enjoyable to listen to their distinctive combination of funk, pop, and vintage elements. With its catchy hooks, anthem-like vocals, and contagious feeling of fun, the tune transports us on a high-octane journey that leaves us wanting more. With this outstanding album, The Passing Sages have lifted the bar, and we can’t wait to see where their musical journey takes them next.

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