Rony Rex’s ‘Dopamine’: A Vibrant Exploration of Dance Music

Hey, have you had a listen to this? Rony Rex is a Finnish producer who has recently released an EP. I would still like to describe “Dopamine” as a crazy track which will throw you to the different sides of electronic music. This fellow has features for days and the whole EP just screams sex appeal and youthfulness. Rony Rex is truly one of The freshest dance music tastemakers in Finland today.

The album begins with the track “Ugly”, a song that does not falter around. Well-defined bassline, synths, and Nigerian American Benni Ola’s hoarse, sexy spoken-word opening create an unapologetically club-ready track. That catchy beat and the happy notes make them characteristic of the summer, which serves as the backdrop for this EP.

Next, there is “Papi” with vocals by Teen Suicide, Kitty from The Pom-Poms. As usual, this is a playful jam, which features thick beats, powerful bass synching, and synthesizing that fits the theme of money scam perfectly to complement Kitty’s playful lyrics. She develops a very smart stories which come with a hint of jeopardy but the smile makes it more audacious.

The song is musically upbeat, but lyrically, the viewer is taken on a very bipolar ride with this song entitled, “I Could Be. ”The chorus is full of the artist’s pleas for her man to stay with her because she’s unsure about herself – a theme of the song would appeal to anyone struggling with their worth in a relationship. Yet, Ravenna takes over at the end of the movie and says to the mirror, “I know that I am good enough. ”

It ends with “Shapes” which has a somewhat ambient sound to it. The dark and bassy verse breaks into the iridescent and vibrant chorus, accompanied by compelling vocals of Australian artist LÂLKA. It is a very peaceful kind of song which can make them dance under the sparkling Disco light.

“Dopamine” is an absolute audio delight that Rony Rex has created, and after listening to the track people are sure to want more and more. Any fan of electronic music should definitely check this EP out as it proves Rony’s versatility and strong skill of mixing elements while keeping the crowd going.

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