Rising Star Nishy Blending Pop and Alternative R&B With Emotional Depth

Introducing Nishy, a phenomenal new talent who not only sings but also writes her own music. Over the past two years, she has been perfecting her unique blend of pop and alternative R&B, and now she believes the world is ready to embrace her sound.

In her latest track, “Can’t Sleep,” Nishy paints a vivid picture of an intimate evening together. The song seamlessly merges electropop and R&B with a lo-fi aesthetic, all wrapped up in Nishy’s sultry vocals. This mesmerizing tune showcases her incredible resilience and unwavering determination as an artist.

Nishy’s delicate and smooth voice transports listeners to a tranquil state of mind, her vocal tones capable of calming even the most restless souls. Her poignant lyrics are influenced by the stories and circumstances surrounding her, revealing her vulnerability to the fundamental forces that shape her experiences.

In her music, Nishy masterfully pairs intriguing lyrics with mysterious melodies, heightening the sense of intrigue. She employs a synthesizer to create ethereal atmospheres, silky backing vocals to add depth, and rhythms that are both captivating and subtly driving.

As you listen to her music, imagine a woman wandering through the night, accompanied by the sound of a record playing on a turntable. Suddenly, the film of her nocturnal musings begins to unfold.

Amid a nostalgic alternative pop soundscape and the romantic aesthetics of lo-fi, Nishy delivers the opening chapter of a profound narrative, enchanting listeners with the sensuality of her voice. The message she imparts is one of learning to let go of the past and embracing self-love in order to move forward.

With her undeniable talent and deeply emotional music, Nishy is a rising star poised to make a significant impact on pop and alternative R&B scenes.

Rising Star Nishy Blending Pop and Alternative R&B With Emotional Depth
Rising Star Nishy Blending Pop and Alternative R&B With Emotional Depth

What would you say is your greatest strength as an artist?
As a creator, I think that my greatest strength is my hypersensitivity. You see, we live in a world in which sensibility or hypersensitivity are considered weaknesses. But I actually think they are my strengths.

Because my hypersensitivity allows me to dive deeper into human emotions which are as deep as an ocean. It helps me to understand human beings, their behaviours and their relationships with the world. Humans are the basis of my artistic work and one of the many topics that inspire me the most.

What is your creative process when making music?
For my EP Memories From A Vinyl, my creative process was cinematic. As I was inspired by what surrounded me at the time, every song I created is like the parts of a movie I visualized in my head.

I wanted to tell the story of a woman realizing her own worth through disillusionment in love. I saw a spinning vinyl in my head reflecting this story. So, when I had the entire storyline in my head, melodies and lyrics would come to me. The first songs I wrote for this project were Can’t Sleep, MMT and Phase even though this one was the last I finished writing. And it was quite a challenge.

Then, I’m Ready came later. And once I was finished with the compositions and the writing, I would start recording with my co-producer Aryh Love Baker. He co-directed me artistically and took care of all the technical aspects to deliver Memories From A Vinyl to you.

We wanted a project with a Lofi Aesthetic to create an immersive ambience and reinforce the cinematic aspect. So, for this project, my creative process was quite cinematic but I think it can evolve from one project to another. Actually, I believe there are no rules when it comes to creation.

How long have you been making music and what attracted you to it?
Well, maybe I started in a previous life (lol). You know, in a way, music has always been in my life. Whether it was at home, at school or when I would go to my ballet classes, music was always here. Even when my parents would watch Bollywood films, there was music in them.

So, I was easily attracted to it. Music made me feel safe and it allowed me to build my own bubble to express my creativity. But for as far as I can remember, I’ve been making music since my teenage years. When I was 15 I took a few piano lessons and I would write poems about people around me. When I was 17, my sister used to practice the guitar and she used to be really good at it.

I was so inspired by her playing that I decided to teach myself guitar during a trip to Mauritius. Then a year later, during my last year in high school, I started to write my first songs. Melodies and words would come to me very naturally. I would save them on my phone. The day I finished my very first song, I realized that I wanted to create music for the rest of my life.

What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome as a band/ artist so far?
The biggest challenge nowadays, especially for indie artists, is to make their music known and gain visibility. The material, management and financial means are not the same as artists supervised by a label. Also, the address book is not the same.

Creating music can be financially expensive as you invest in production material and studio sessions. All this cost a lot of money and time. And when the creation process is finished, then comes the distribution and promotion of your music.

Promotion requires as much work as creation. I think it’s a great thing today that some platforms exist on the internet to help indie artists to reach media and gain visibility. But it is still a challenge. And even more in the age of social networks.

Because even if a song can go viral overnight as it happens on TikTok, there are still so many artists to run after visibility in the race for ephemeral content. And because we are in a culture of trends, nothing guarantees strong visibility in the long term. So, it remains the major challenge.

What streaming sites do you think offer the most value to a band?
Oh… that’s a good question !! Well, it depends on what you mean by the word value. If you are referring to the average payout per stream or the consideration given to a band’s work, well. I don’t think I have the answer yet. I prefer to be honest because I’m not sure of my knowledge about these subjects and all I know may have changed in the meantime.

How do you think social media or the internet has affected the music
the scene in your country?
As I mentioned previously with social media, a song can go viral overnight. So, I think this is very great for unknown artists when it comes to visibility because one song can change everything. It can really help to start a career. But at the same time, there is a flip side to this situation when it comes to creation.

Sometimes, I think that social media alters the creative process of music.
What I’m going to say does not concern everyone but I’ve seen some artists changing their own musicality in order to please people and gain visibility. So, I think in this case it’s a bit sad because instead of embracing their musicality, they end up sounding like others. And every musicality has its own magic. An artist should always remain authentic.

And I also have the impression that… Because we find ourselves in a frantic race for ephemeral content, people always want more and more. So, we prioritise quantity over quality. And I think that it can distract artists from why they make music.

Of course, we want to be listened to. It’s very important for us. But I think we must not forget the main reason why we create music: it’s because we love it and how it makes us feel. The love for creation should not be forgotten.

What are your friends and parents’ thoughts on your career?
I am very grateful to my parents and my friends because they support me and strongly believe in me. Sometimes I feel like they believe in me more than I believe in myself (lol).

My parents, my sister and my friends have always been supportive. Even though they are not musicians and don’t know that much about the music industry, they are really proud of the artist I’m becoming. I had to explain to them what it means to be an independent artist and tell them about the struggles we deal with sometimes. They know all the time and the money I invested… They understand my vision and my respectful choices.

They know what I’m capable of and where I want to go in my career. I’m very lucky. Even though we don’t always have the same musical tastes, I’m happy to know that they like my debut EP Memories From A Vinyl (Side A). And I know they’re not lying because they always tell me when they don’t like something about my music. And whether I continue as an independent or go with a major, they would still support me. Because they know what I’m doing. And so do I…

What does your current song mean to you?
My EP Memories From A Vinyl (Side A) is the first project of my career. This project is very important to me as it marks the beginning of my career as an indie artist. And from a personal point of view, carrying out this project was a big challenge because it was conceived at a very difficult time in my life when I had to face health problems.

Indeed, I almost lost my hearing due to a double noise trauma. Luckily, I got the right medical treatment in time. And I don’t know what is the force that saved me in time but the pursuit and accomplishment of this project represent my will to always move forward in life no matter what happens.”

What is one message you would give to your fans?
The message is from Memories From A Vinyl (Side A): let go of what doesn’t resonate with you anymore.

Disillusionment is not an end but just a phase so you can move forward to the next chapter of your life. No matter what happens, don’t give up. Go forward and choose self-love. You can make it and you deserve it. Love.

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